15 Rockers Rocking Suits – Bowie, Paul McCartney and Questlove get Classy

It turns out even the hardest of the rockers have to get tied up on occasion. In celebration of that, my friend Jessie Poe has been pinning rockers in suits. He’s collected over 100 images of everyone from Little Richard to Zappa in finer threads than we’ve ever seen the Zuck don. Here are 15 of our favorites.


1. Frank Zappa


2. Ringo and Raquel


3. Michael Stipe


4. Ike Turner


5. David Bowie


6. Questlove


7. Wayne Coyne


8. Andre 3000


9. Mick Jagger


10. Elvis



11. David Byrne


12. Danger Mouse


13. Albert Hammond Jr.


14. John Coltrane


15. Thelonious Monk



You can view all of Jesse’s great pins here or if you’d like to snag something a bit more casual from Elvis, The Stones, Outkast or 3000 other artists you can swing over to Merchbar.