Apple Pay Data – Faster Purchases, Higher Conversions & Surprises

One month ago we released a new version of our iPhone Application “Merchbar – Merch & Vinyl” that (among other updates) included Apple Pay. After one month, we went back and looked at the results. 

1. People Use Apple Pay

20% of all purchases made through the Merchbar app used Apple Pay.

(This is inclusive of all app users during the period – including those with devices that don’t support Apple Pay and those that haven’t upgraded their application to the newest version.)

2. Apple Pay saves significant information input time 

This is the obvious dream of Apple Pay – Apple knows your info so you’ll never need to type it again: Apple Pay delivers.

Our legacy (and still pretty fast) Merchbar App checkout process requires 103 seconds for customers to type in their full credit card and shipping information, whereas Apple Pay require just 17 seconds to provide us with the same information. [1]

(Massive improvement!)

3. Apple Pay isn’t just faster than native – it is fastest way to input payment and shipping details we’ve seen on any device

When you factor in all steps of the process (input and review) Apple Pay not only blows our native flow out of the water, but our mobile web and even desktop web checkout.

Adding Shipping & Payment Details with Apple Pay is:

  • 7x faster than mobile web and our native application
  • 5x faster than desktop web

(Yet another reason mobile is becoming the first screen.)

4. Apple Pay increases conversions

Apple pay converts users 6.3% better than our traditional payment flow [2].

(But how?)

5. Apple Pay users spend significantly less time reviewing their carts

Apple Pay had big impact on a step of the process that isn’t directly related to Apple Pay – The final, important moment when users finally review their order and press submit. At this point all users (both Apple Pay and traditional payment flow) have provided us with their shipping and payment details and we present them with their total purchase price inclusive of shipping and handling charges. All they need to do is to review and confirm their orders…

Apple Pay users spent half as long reviewing their orders as the traditional payment flow.

(We believe this points to two unique benefits of Apple Pay)

6. Apple Pay makes it easier for customers to get final pricing

As a retailer we aren’t able to show a user actual shipping and tax costs prior to knowing their shipping information. While there are some other clever ways around this or previews we could incorporate, Apple Pay allows us to skip those hacks and not only show the user that information in just seconds with a couple taps, but also show comprehensive pricing to a user whose credit card is now ready to be charged.

(Big win for us.)

7. Apple Pay removes purchase friction – No need to triple check your CC & Shipping Address

Just like you don’t check your credit card number each time you swipe it through a terminal (you trust the system to transfer your details correctly) we believe users trust their Apple Pay details to be transferred correctly AND they trust their Apple Pay details to be correct.

Since they believe both to be correct, they only give their shipping and purchase details a cursory glance prior to confirming their orders.

This likely impacts conversion because it:

  • Reduces fatigue from users that may have mistyped information and don’t want to go back and change it
  • Less review, means faster decision making and ultimately likely enhances our ability to convert impulse buyers

We’re very happy with our decision to incorporate Apple Pay into Merchbar, and can’t wait to see how these numbers evolve as adoption of Apple Pay grows.

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[1] Includes time users spent deciding to use Apple Pay, walking through submission and the system authenticating and transferring their information to us.

[2] For reasons we can’t get into, this number actually only includes numbers for users that have successfully submitted shipping and payment information. We suspect the data from the full funnel is higher.