Charting the World’s Hottest Merch

Great artists’ merch was silo’ed in separate stores for too long. Finding new gear from your favorite bands required a digital pilgrimage across the web, while finding or discovering new and interesting gear from artists beyond the top of your list was nearly impossible.

That’s why in addition to creating the world’s largest destination for new and authentic music merchandise we’re continually driven to help fans uncover the gems their favorite artists spend so much time and energy investing in creating – whether through Merch Alerts or personalized recommendations.

Today we are launching a new tool to help fans uncover new gems: the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart.

Our inaugural chart toppers are reigning torch-bearers of Rock, the Foo Fighters. Their huge selection of unique merchandise, great designs and continually updated gear have clearly resonated with fans as they’ve released records and movies.

Merchbar Hot Merch Chart

In addition to an overall chart, we’ve broken down charts for our trafficked categories – Pop, Rock & Alternative, Hard Rock & Metal, R&B and Hip-Hop, EDM, Dance & Electronic and Vinyl Records.

We will be releasing these charts every Tuesday and highlighting interesting take-away’s and stories in our blog. If you’d like to learn more about our methodology you can do that here.

We hope these charts help you discover a few new treasures.


Founder & CEO – Merchbar