Introducing Everything Search

Today we’re excited to release an entirely new search on Now whether you are looking for gear from a band, a specific record or an item type go ahead and type it into the search box above and if we have it, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 09.01.51

One of the most fun features of this new search is type-ahead. Now, as you type in your query we will automatically pre-fill possible searches into the search box. This is an especially fun feature if you want to generally peruse any of the 100,000 products on Merchbar – just start typing and see what you find.

Make a mistake or can’t remember exactly how to spell Deadmau5? No worries, we’ll automatically correct most common spelling mistakes and deliver what you’re looking for.

These new search features are only available on for now but will be including them in a future release of the Merchbar iPhone app.

Need some ideas of where to get started? Here’s the top 10 searches from Merchbar over the last month.

10. 5SOS merch
9. 1D merch
8. modern baseball merch
7. slipknot merch
6. chet faker merch
5. nicki minaj calendar
4. one direction merchandise
3. live sos
2. 5sos merchandise
1. katy perry merch