Hacking Mixes // DJ Platurn’s Siete Galaxias Volume 1.

In a world where lines between genres shift daily as people search for the new, chew and move on to the next one, true originals and unique perspectives stand apart. Maybe that’s why DJ Platurn‘s musical voice and perspective on music is so refreshing. 
Just like it takes someone special to represent both Oakland and Iceland simultaneously, DJ Platurn is both one of hip-hops prominent missionaries but also one of its harshest critics. We sat down to talk to Platurn about productivity, merchandise and his new mix of the funky beats from South America that was just written up in Wax Poetics.
– Ed
Tell us a bit about this mix. What is it all about? How did you find these songs? When/how did you mix it?
“An 80-minute all-45 excursion into a random array of Latin-flavored grooves from diggin’ in Texas, the West Coast of California, and Central & South America. Eerie melodies, funky drums, and oddball covers permeate the mix—at times deep but mostly just a bunch of random 7-inch faves, sung primarily in various Portuguese & Spanish dialects.”
I found these records with the help of what we call in the digging world a bloodhound’s intuition. As in, I had no idea what the hell I was looking for, but when I found it I knew it was something special. I mixed these records with 7″ vinyl and turntables and a pioneer efx 500 and recorded it into pro-tools.
What else are you building/making/creating/performing these days?
Best Of A Tribe Called Quest V.2, hosted by Michael Rapaport, will be out this summer. Other than that i’m gigging on occasion, working on some production here and there, and cooking up the next big move for the future of The 45 Sessions. Rest of the time i’m scrubbing veggies to pay for my vinyl addiction.
What helps you get in the zone?
Lots of not getting distracted. It’s not easy to focus in on creativity nowadays with all the buzz in your brain from the outside world. Key is to unplug and really focus on the overall scope of what you’re trying to convey with the project. That and just listen to music — lots and lots of music.
What is your favorite piece of music merch? Where did you get it? What do you love about it?
Tough call. Really tough call — I have way too much sh*t. Like waaaay too much. But if I had to pick one, it would be this James Brown Rubber Duckie. Can’t remember where I got it — I love it because it’s freaking awesome. Enough said.
James Brown Rubber Duckie
What are 5 essential albums to own on vinyl?
Again, damn near impossible to choose — i’ll pick the first 5 that come to mind…
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