The effect of Apple Pay on the App Store: Ka-ching!

Awesome Merchbar shoutout from Fortune Magazine today on our integration with Apple Pay.


According to Tim Cook, Apple Pay is now available through 2,500 credit-card issuers and more than 700,000 brick-and-mortar stores.

But there’s a whole world of mobile and online retailing that we haven’t heard much about. So I made a few calls.

  • Apple Pay has already become the No. 1 payment method at, says Prat Vemana, who runs Staples’ e-commerce business. On the website, 30% of all transactions on eligible devices are now completed with Apple Pay and conversions on those devices are up 109%.
  • “It’s not only driving more purchases but activating our biggest spenders,” says Joe Einhorn, CEO of Fancy, a crowd-curated catalog store. Purchase frequency on Fancy is 30% higher among Apple Pay users and average total spend is five times better than non-Apple Pay users.
  • Spring CEO Alan Tisch reports that Apple Pay is making his online fashion boutique stickier. Apple Pay users accounts for 23%…

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