Ten Times Over – Thank You

Merchbar Band Merch Apple Feature

For all the talk of “eating glass and staring into the abyss” starting a startup also comes with plenty of wonderful and unique experiences.

One of my favorites is the magic of turning a half-formed idea into a real product through the decidedly un-magical hours and days and weeks of pixel pushing and code writing.

Another is discovering you’re respected by those you respect.

We’re thrilled to have the Merchbar iPhone App be recognized again by Apple – this time on the homepage of the Appstore in the “Great Gifts for Graduates” category as well as in the “Entertaining Made Easy” feature in the Lifestyle section. Technically this makes something like eleven or twelve features for Merchbar, but we’re going to stop counting at ten.

Apple isn’t just a company that hackers look up to, they are a company that made many of us interested in hacking at all and over time they’ve given us more and more to hack with and on.

So first, thanks Apple.

But the product featured in the Apple store is a lot more than just a “product”. For a retailer the product is everything from the products you sell (which in our case is the artists we represent and the partners we work with), the investors that believed in this app before it existed and the team that makes all of the million things that need to happen… well, happen.

So instead of talking about this as a springboard, or listing the exciting things to come, we just wanted to take a moment to say Thank you.

So to everyone that has helped us make this happen – Thank You. We’ve had a tremendous amount of fun getting here and we’re very proud to work on it with you.