J Boogie’s Dubtronic Radio – New Hacking Mix

San Francisco: The bay. The bridges. The fog. J Boogie.

I’m not sure if it’s an insult to call a guy an institution, but if it isn’t, thats what J Boogie is. DJ. Producer. Advisor. Mentor. He’s a cross-genre tastemaker that’s been on the scene since before today’s scene was even there.

Today he’s basically the guardian ad litem of Hip-Hop at Pandora (Biggie on his shoulders!).

Somehow he still finds time to make and share mixes under the umbrella of J Boogie’s Dubtronic Radio – and its 100% Hacking Mix approved grinding.

His newest mix works on the dancefloor, by the beach, in a convertible or under the stars. A bit of hip hop, a bit of latin and a whole lot of fun.

Hope you enjoy.

J Boogie’s Dubtronic Radio Volume 3
Duration: 1:15:49

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