15 Rocking Baby Halloween Costumes 2015

The night of fright is quickly approaching and this year babies just might steal the moonlight with these cute baby Halloween costumes from your favorite bands. We’ve put together a great selection of baby Halloween costumes and Halloween costume ideas for modern parents who want their kid’s first Halloween to rock! These looks can be as scary (or not scary, they are babies after all) as you’d like. All you need to do is add some baby-friendly Halloween make-up to those cute little faces and voila! Your baby instantly transforms into tiny rock and roll legends. Whether you’d like your baby to become a total metal badass or a vintage rock legend, we’ve got the ultimate list of baby Halloween costumes and unique baby Halloween costume ideas for all. Take a look at some of the Halloween costumes for baby below and be sure to click the links to buy your baby a costume for Halloween 2015 directly from Merchbar.

1. KISS Meets Archie Baby Halloween Onesie

KISS meets Archie Baby Onesie

This onesie features lead characters from the popular Archie comics as members of KISS and also comes in Halloween colors. Add a little of that famous KISS face paint and your baby will be rocking in no time!

2. AC/DC For Those About To Rock Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

AC/DC For Those About To Rock Bottle Onesie

Let your baby be the Brian Johnson to your AC/DC this Halloween with this cute onesie dedicated to AC/DC’s album of the same name. Featuring a baby bottle, this onesie makes the perfect baby Halloween costume for those with siblings who can make up other members of the group.

3. AC/DC Logo Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

AC/DC Logo Baby Onesie

Or for the baby rocking solo, this AC/DC logo onesie is a perfect way to thrash for Halloween. Pair with a cute baby leather moto jacket or denim jacket to complete this baby Halloween costume.

4. Rob Zombie Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

Rob Zombie Baby Onesie

Probably the most meta baby Halloween costume onesie we have, this one is perfect for Rob Zombie fans.

5. The Misfits Cry Cry My Darling Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

The Misfits Cry Cry My Darling Baby Onesie

A ghoulish take on The Misfits song of the same name makes this an easy choice for your baby’s Halloween costume.

6. Five Finger Death Punch Knucklehead Baby Halloween Onesie

Five Finger Death Punch Baby Onesie

If you’ve got a rambunctious little one, why not dress them up as a Knucklehead this Halloween? This Five Finger Death Punch baby onesie makes a perfect baby Halloween costume for those parents who love 5FDP.

7. Pantera Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

Painter Baby Onesie

Plan on keeping your baby out trick or treating until late on Halloween night? Pantera has got the perfect baby Halloween costume for you. Featuring the Pantera logo and the text “Far Beyond Bedtime” your baby just might be in what many would consider the scariest baby Halloween costume ever.

8. Megadeth Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

Megadeth Baby Onesie

Your baby will be all tricks and no treats in this badass Megadeth Halloween onesie.

9. Def Leppard Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

Def Leppard Baby Onesie

We suggest dressing up in your best Def Leppard gear too so you and baby can rock out together!

10. The Rolling Stones Baby Halloween Costume Onesie

The Rolling Stones Baby Onesie

This Halloween, style your baby into any member of the Rolling Stones in this cute onesie.

11. Rod Stewart Forever Young Baby Halloween Costume

Mom and Baby Rod Stewart Forever Young

Here is a cute Halloween costume for mom and baby. The Rod Stewart Forever Young circle logo on a tee for mom and as a onesie for baby. Slap on some wigs and be forever young this Halloween.

12. Nickelback Bottoms Up Baby Onesie

Nickel back Bottoms Up Onesie

Okay so this one isn’t exactly for Halloween but it’s so cute, we couldn’t resist adding it here.

13. Foo Fighters Baby Onesie

Foo Fighters Koalaty Baby OnesieIf you want your kid to be less scary and more cute this Halloween, put your baby in this onesie. Perfect for the tiny Foo Fighters fan in your life.

14. Black Label Society Baby Halloween Costume Bib

Black Label Society Baby Bib

So you want your baby to be a member of Black Label Society this Halloween but you can’t find anything that works? Here’s a simple solution: put your baby in an all black and slap on this bib. It’s a quick and easy way to get your “wylde chylde” Halloween costume together.

15. Anthrax Baby Bib Halloween Costume

Anthrax Baby Bib

Bibs are great baby Halloween costume hacks.  This Anthrax bib will make your baby the leader of the thrash metal babies this Halloween.

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