7 Epic Dog Halloween Costume Ideas – 2015

Let’s face it: your dog is the real rock star in your life. They are the center of your world, you’re the president of their fan club, and even when they get a little too rambunctious and thrash your house, you still love them. This is why you don’t want your dog relegated to the background this Halloween. You’ve got to find your dog a Halloween costume that rocks and that is the reason you’re here. We’ve compiled a great list of Halloween costumes for dogs that are guaranteed to get your dog entered into the Bark ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. You can find most of the dog Halloween costumes in this post available on our site and if your order now, you’ll be sure to get it in time for the frightful day. Browse through some of our featured Halloween costumes for dogs and dog Halloween costume ideas below. And, hey, if you dress up your pup in one of our certified rock star dog Halloween costumes, send us a photo on Twitter!

Elvis Presley Dog Costumes

Yes, for one night, your dog can be the King. Just get your dog into our American Eagle Doggy Shirt and combine with our Elvis Presley Album Cover Dog Collar and Leash combo.  Just look at how cute these dogs are!

7. Elvis Presley Dog CostumeElvis Presley Dog Halloween Costume

6. Elvis Presley Album Cover Dog Collar and Leash combo

The Rolling Stones Dog Costumes

Take your pick! If your dog needs a Halloween costume and loves The Rolling Stones, then they have a choice of Keith, Charlie, Ronnie or Mick.

5. The Rolling Stones Black Dog Halloween Costume

The Rolling Stones Doggie Halloween Costume

4. The Rolling Stones Dog Halloween Costume Overalls

The Rolling Stones Dog Halloween Costume Grey

More dog Halloween costumes from The Rolling Stones available here.

3. Black Label Society Dog Costume

Perfect for the anti-establishment dog.

Black Label Society Dog Halloween Costume

Black Label Society Dog Halloween Costume Hoodie (features BLS logo on back)

2. Motorhead Dog Halloween Costume

Because, duh! Why wouldn’t your best friend want to rock out to Motorhead too?

Motorhead Dog Halloween Costume

Motorhead Road Dog Halloween Costume

1. The Who Dog Halloween Costume

If your pup plays a mean pinball, this is the best costume for them!

The Who Dog Halloween Costume

The Who Dog Halloween Costume

Other Dog Costume Ideas

Looking for dog Halloween costume ideas? We’ve got a few below.

Dog Halloween Costume

Frankenweenie here would fit right in at a Five Finger Death Punch show.

Dog Halloween Costume

This dog could be a perfect mascot for The Misfits.