Hot Katy Perry Costumes You Can Buy or Make for Halloween 2015

Katy Perry is an inspiration to many of us who dare to wear a fabulous frock 365 days a year. But on Halloween, many of us are able to make our Katy Perry fashion fantasy come true. Your pop star Halloween won’t be complete without a Katy Perry costume and, trust us, there are plenty Katy Perry costumes that you can snag on Merchbar or make yourself. We’ve assembled some of the latest Katy Perry costumes plus Katy Perry costume ideas for Halloween 2015 all in one post. So whether you’re spending your Halloween as one of Katy Perry’s California Girls or a Firework, we’ve got you covered.

Katy Perry “Roar” Halloween Costume

Katy Perry Roar Costume

Are you ready to roar? Navigate your trick or treating through the jungle this Halloween in our “Roar” Katy Perry costume. Featured in the Katy Perry video for “Roar” as well, this Katy Perry costume will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the pack Halloween night. The costume features a leopard print bodice with “leaf” skirt, floral crown headband and arm bands as well. You can save the time and effort on DIY-ing this look because we’ve got it all set up ready to buy here.

Katy Perry Cupcake Halloween Costume

Katy Perry Cupcake Halloween Costume

A classic Katy Perry costume, this signature set comes complete with cupcake bra, shorts, and wig. You’ll be the sweetest treat this Halloween in this Katy Perry costume.

Katy Perry Whipped Cream Halloween Costume

Katy Perry Whipped Cream Halloween Costume

A Halloween costume with tricks and treats! Get this hot, red Katy Perry Halloween costume and make it complete with an awesome pair of shoes.

Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” Halloween Costume

Katy Perry Last Friday Night Halloween Costume

Fill your Halloween night with nostalgia as you step out in this Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” costume.

Now, let’s talk about ideas. We all know Katy Perry seems to really like incorporating candy into her costumes. But, up until we were writing this post, we didn’t realize just how much Katy Perry likes candy. Check out these Katy Perry Halloween costumes—the candy dress edition—below:

Katy Perry Candy Girl Costume

Katy Perry Candy Dress Costume

Need even more Katy Perry Halloween inspiration? Check out these awesome Katy Perry makeup tutorials below.