Music Video Unicorns – 9 Facts about the 10 Videos with 1 BILLION+ YouTube Views

For the first time, there are now 10 videos with over 1,000,000,000 views on YouTube. YouTube broke the news today and ReCode broke the story – but we had to dig in a bit further.

Here are some facts about the big 10 – Want to just add to the total? You can find all 10 videos with over 1B views at the bottom of this post.

via Recode

(image via Recode/YouTube)

1. Gangam Style Was 1st to Break 1Billion Views

How can we forget that weird horse dance? A completely global sensation, PSY‘s Gangam Style was the first video to break through the elusive three comma barrier.

Screenshot 2015-10-12 16.30.37

2. Men Have as Many 1B Videos as Women

5 men have each broken through onto the 1B view chart, while just 3 women have. BUT women are the only group to have multiple chart appearances with both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift landing two videos each on the chart.

3. …But Men Have More Overall Views

Videos by male artists have been viewed 6,819,596,254 times while those from women have been viewed 5,564,770,976 times.

That breaks down to 55% of views to the men and 45% to the ladies.

Screenshot 2015-10-12 16.27.52

4. Katy vs Taylor

The two pop stars stack up so closely its amazing.

Each are the only two artists to have two videos in the top 10.

They have nearly the exact same number of views – Katy Perry has 2,227 Million views of her videos, while Taylor Swift narrowly edges her out with 2,286 Million views of her top two videos.

5. All have absolutely massive numbers of daily views

You’d expect Wiz Khalifa‘s video to be drawing massive daily views – Especially since it broke 1B in less than 6 months and it is. Wiz is getting streamed to the tune of nearly 5.5M views per day.

What’s amazing is that only one of the videos is averaging is averaging less than 1M views each day and one has to expect given Justin Bieber‘s recent resurgence it is only a matter of time until he adds another video onto this list with massive numbers.

Screenshot 2015-10-12 16.28.46

6. Its taking less and less time to Break 1B Views

On average it took these videos 484 days to break 1B views, but the most recent 3 did it in just 241 days.

Not only have 8 crossed the 1B views threshold in the last 6 months, but 3 of the videos on the list have been out less than a year!

In fact, Wiz Khalifa‘s video hasn’t even been out 6 months.

7. We’ve spend 25,800,725 Combined Days viewing these videos!

That’s like everyone in the state of Texas getting a day off from work and spending all 24 hours watching YouTube.

8. English vs Spanish

And maybe Texas is the right place to be discussing – as the world’s populations all come online expect to see more and more

Enrique Iglesias is leading the charge. His video for Bailando is the first Spanish video to break 1,000,000,000 views.

9. The Full List

Video Artist Link Views Released Days since Launch Views per Day
1 Gangam Style PSY 2,430,132,195 7/15/2012 1184 2,052,477
2 Baby Justin Bieber 1,222,177,621 2/19/2010 2061 593,002
3 Blank Space Taylor Swift 1,200,911,454 11/10/2014 336 3,574,141
4 Dark Horse Katy Perry 1,129,139,673 2/20/2014 599 1,885,041
5 Roar Katy Perry 1,092,642,079 9/5/2013 767 1,424,566
6 Shake it Off Taylor Swift 1,085,188,816 8/18/2014 420 2,583,783
7 Bailando Enrique Iglesias 1,081,429,828 4/11/2014 549 1,969,818
8 Uptown Funk Mark Ronson 1,061,600,634 11/19/2014 327 3,246,485
9 All About That Bass Meghan Trainor 1,056,889,145 6/11/2014 488 2,165,756
10 See You Again Wiz Khalifa 1,024,255,785 4/6/2015 189 5,419,343

Enough Stats! Here are the videos: