New Hacking Mix: Poolside’s Contact High

It’s getting to be that time of the evening – the phone finally stops ringing. The inbox seems to be in ebb. Slack’s flutter is beginning wane.

It’s grind time.

Time to dust off the hard projects. The focus projects. The phone-on-silent, door-locked, angry-don’t-talk-t0-me-face-on, lets-gsd projects.

Pop on the headphones, turn the volume up, and rock this.

They may be called Poolside, but they always seem to hit the spot for me desk-side and their latest mixtape called “Contact High” is no different.

Featuring re-worked tracks from Phillipi & Rodrigo, Delegation and Evinha with Poolside‘s trademark dialed back but funky rhythms.

Hope you enjoy as much as we are.