A Bundle of Bundles

Special edition Father’s Day bundles: When one gift isn’t enough. Share a love for Black Sabbath? Enjoy beer, obscene gestures and 5FPD? Were you raised by a Deadhead? Does Dad actually have some Night Moves? We’ve got the assortment for you!

Keep Pops Truckin

Widely regarded as one of the top 10 uses of plastic mesh, trucker hats are a Dad stand-by. Why not refresh the lid he won at the ‘82 fresh water fishing classic with one from his favorite band?

We’ve got over 100 trucker hats in stock from bands like Drive By Truckers,Journey, Craig Campbell, Guns N Roses, Umphrey’s McGee, Alabama Shakes and Band of Horses.

Play and Display Your Favorite Album

Perfect for the man cave, the office, the den or any wall-space he can negotiate with Mom our Gallery Framed Vinyl records are the ultimate presentation of the world’s greatest albums. Museum quality framing gives Dad a beautiful way to show off his tastes.

Here’s all the albums we have including John Coltrane’s Blue Train, Iron Maiden’s Number of The Beast and The Eagles’ Hotel California.

Don’t see Dad’s favorite? Every album we sell is available for framing. Just hit us with an email and we’ll help you make it happen.

Suns Out, Guns Out

Pops has been hitting the gym and has the pipes to prove it. Summer’s coming so why not give him two tickets to the gun show?

Tap here to see all Tank Tops or see our favorites from Pink Floyd, AC/DC,Bob Marley, Odd Future, Disturbed and Of Mice and Men.

Cold Beer, Warm Hand

You say Tomato. I say Tomato. You type coozy. I type koozie. One thing we can all agree on it cold beer.

Give Dad the gift of a consistently frosty Britney with a sweet coozy koozie from Merchbar. Check out our malt, barley and hops insulation devices from bands including Peter Frampton, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Chris Stapleton,GNR and Ray Lamontagne.

Or if Dad’s a “Bigger is Better” kind of guy – we’ve got a special DMB Koozie made for a tall boy!

The Wallet

How many times has he reached into his pocket to give you cash for the concert or that hot new album?

Maybe its time you leave his pocket better than you found it with a new wallet. We’ve got em from Ghostly International, Nirvana, Woodstock, DMB,John Mayer and many more. Or if he’s more of a money clip guy check out styles from Beck, The Who and The Beatles.

The Goods If He Was Good

Was he *really* good this year? Did you make a mint off bitcoin? Did that email from Nigeria actually pan out?

Regardless of the reason, if this is the year you’re reaching to the top shelf for the old guy why not snag Dad a pair of skis, a leather jacket from his favorite band or maybe some autographed gear?

If You are Going to Get Him a Tie…

There’s really only one option – Our 100% authentic AC/DC “For Those About To Tie One On” Necktie.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift?!

Wow. Your Dad is tough. Here’s our last ditch effort to help you out…

Band Lighters and Ashtrays Slipmats for his Record Player BBQ ApronsFrisbees Blankets Mugs Socks


Hurry and shop now – Father’s Day is coming fast!