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David Keenan

"WHAT THEN?" Vinyl

David Keenan "WHAT THEN?" Vinyl

"WHAT THEN?" Vinyl

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Singer-storyteller Keenan has spent the majority of the last decade growing up on the road, drawing from primary source experiences and a vivid imagination. As a teenager, he left Ireland for Liverpool, following the myth and music of The La's frontman Lee Mavers. Keenan busked and lived on couches, documenting the street people while honing his craft, looking for his hero and discovering himself in the process. With one eye always on the Elsewhere, he carries the idiosyncratic nature of the Irish writer and character observer with some aplomb, having been raised in and around the estates of his hometown of Dundalk on the Irish border.

Growing in confidence on stage and in his prose - the microphone and typewriter his compass and sextant - this young adventurer was on a constant search for material to absorb into an ever growing body of work. Seeds were sown for his forthcoming album in Paris last year, when he was invited to be artist in residence in the Centre Culturel Irlandais. Drawing from all that the city had to offer, poems flowed as did the songs. Through these new words and music, some hard questions of what's been and what's still to come were raised, as the young artist attempted to address them in the safety and solitude of song.
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