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    Beta Radio

    The Songs The Season Brings: Four Volumes LP (Vinyl)

    Beta Radio The Songs The Season Brings: Four Volumes LP (Vinyl)

    The Songs The Season Brings: Four Volumes LP (Vinyl)

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    Product Description

    *This vinyl LP comes with a new bonus track not featured on the digital download, streaming, or CD version of the record – its our gift to analog enthusiasts everywhere. Candy canes! Jelly beans! Comfort and joy! After four years of late night Ritz cracker and balsam-scented-candle-fueled recording sessions, the Beta Radio Christmas quadrilogy is complete! We’re happy to present to you, The Songs the Season Brings, Vols. 1-4, our collection of classic and original Christmas songs to help you celebrate the holiday season. This album is a compilation of four holiday EPs, each recorded in the fall across a four year span, and given away over the thanksgiving holiday. We hope these songs will keep you company this season as you’re shoveling snow, changing light bulbs, eating candy bars, singing carols, buying diapers, running errands, smooching babes, wrapping presents, buying AAA batteries for your newest thing, laughing, crying, paying off credit card debt, strategizing how best to return those pleated Dockers your mom’s half sister gave you, giving someone the silent treatment, and whatever else the season may bring!
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