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Guy Penrod

Circuit Rider DVD

Guy Penrod Circuit Rider DVD

Circuit Rider DVD

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Product Description

An all-NEW musical documentary capturing LIVE performances from some of the most treasured artists on the Homecoming stage. Circuit Rider, is the real-life account of the spiritual formation of a nation and the church we have today shaped in part by the dedication and vision of these circuit riders. These musical performances and readings, sung and read by some of the most well-loved gospel artists, tell the story of these preachers who blazed the trail to share the gospel of Jesus with people of every race and nationality living in little towns and settlements across the nation. These brave men and women, from every denomination and creed, understood the meaning of perseverance and sacrifice. Their stories are not often told, but they are as much a part of the American landscape as Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. The DVD is hosted by Mike Huckabee.

*DVD Song Listing:

1. Burnin' (featuring Guy Penrod)

2. Circuit Rider (featuring William Lee Golden & Russ Taff)

3. The Raven (featuring The Isaacs)

4. Bluegrass Moon (featuring Buddy Greene)

5. I'm the Clay (featuring Judy Martin Hess/Charlotte Ritchie/Tanya Goodman Sykes)

6. Mine All Mine (featuring Lynda Randle)

7. We Go Alone (featuring Joy Gardner & Woody Wright)

8. So Many Miles (featuring Reggie Smith)

9. The Old Man (featuring Benjy Gaither)

10. Refining Fire (featuring Michael Sykes)

11. Against the Grain (featuring Mark Lowry)

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