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Track List
  1. Old Welsh Song
  2. I Saw the Vision of Armies
  3. Minister of War
  4. Song in the Blood
  5. Casida of the Lament
  6. Of the Dark Past (Ecce Puer)
  7. London
  8. In Guernica
  9. Who Murdered the Minuets
  10. Oh, Little Child
  11. No Man Is an Island
  12. From Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  13. All the Pretty Little Horses
  14. Childhood III
  15. Magic Wood
  16. Poems from the Japanese
  17. Colours
  18. All in Green Went My Love Riding
  19. Gacela of the Dark Death
  20. Parable of the Old Man and the Young
  21. Evil
  22. Epitaph for a Poet
  23. Old Welsh Song
  24. Mystic Numbers: 36. Wedding Song
  25. When the Shy Star Goes Forth in Heaven
  26. Angel
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