Langhorne Slim

Strawberry Mansion (Signed CD)

Langhorne Slim Strawberry Mansion (Signed CD)
Langhorne Slim Strawberry Mansion (Signed CD)

Strawberry Mansion (Signed CD)

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This item includes:

Strawberry Mansion on CD, signed by Langhorne Slim

Written in his home after his adopted hometown of Nashville was hit by a tornado and the world was hit by a global pandemic, Langhorne Slim's Strawberry Mansion was born while writing a song a day to help reignite his artistic muse. What results is a collection of bursts of joy, hope, struggle, and honest moments from a tumultuous time.

Track Listing:

1. Mighty Soul - 2. Dreams - 3. No Right Way - 4. Lonesome Times - 5. Alright To Hide - 6. Panic Attack - 7. Sing My Song - 8. Summer Days - 9. House On Fire - 10. Morning Prayer - 11. Colors - 12. High Class - 13. Blood On Yer Lips - 14. Strawberry Mansion - 15. The Mansion - 16. Last One Standing - 17. Something Higher - 18. Red Bird - 19. For The Children (Demo)

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