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Pickin' On

Gone Phishin': A Bluegrass Tribute to Phish

Pickin' On Gone Phishin': A Bluegrass Tribute to Phish

Gone Phishin': A Bluegrass Tribute to Phish

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Release Date: 8/22/2000 

Grab the grooves, bring your soul, and glide on down to your favorite funky Phishin’ hole. It's time for Gone Phishin’: A Bluegrass Tribute to Phish, so whether you're a newbie or a veteran Phish-Head, prepare to be submerged in the colors and textures of a dozen of the band's most memorable tunes, instrumental jams performed from a familiar but altogether new perspective. Since the late eighties, the phenomenon of Phish has broken all musical boundaries, experimenting with the language of music, forging a loyal and free-spirited community of listeners and creating memorable, magical sounds that cross all genres from folk to funk, jazz to blues, rock to bluegrass. Gone Phishin' takes this remarkable fusion and distills it into a single element, laying bare one of the traditional foundations of Phish's dreamy, spiritual vibes. 



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