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Architecture In Helsinki MOMENT BENDS CD


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2011 album from the Australian Popsters. Moment Bends sounds like the album they've waited their whole lives to make, retaining the fizzing immediacy of it's three predecessors but re-molded with a more sophisticated touch. In large parts, Moment Bends is in dialogue with the dance floor, without being a slave to any particular rhythm. So, imagine a sound equal parts Italia 1982, California 1979 and Melbourne 2011, glued together with a dynamic bounce and a compelling romanticism. Recorded over a two year period in the band's studio space. The band enlisted longtime collaborator Francois Tetaz to guide them through the record making process, in a spiritual healing/ co-production /mixing role.

Track List
  1. Desert Island
  2. Escapee
  3. Contact High
  4. W.O.W
  5. Yr Go To
  6. Sleep Talkin
  7. I Know Deep Down
  8. That Beep
  9. Denial Style
  10. Everything S Blue
  11. B4 3D
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