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    Reflective Part 4 Deluxe Hoodie Bundle

    Bassnectar Reflective Part 4 Deluxe Hoodie Bundle

    Reflective Part 4 Deluxe Hoodie Bundle

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    Product Description

    Includes the physical CD and digital download of the new EP along with a cotton/poly fleece hoodie, 18"x18" poster, 2"x2" sticker, and a secret limited edition item while supplies last.

    Presenting the latest offering in our Reflective series!!!

    The theme is the interactivity of inspiration: how our minds and imaginations ricochet off each other; our ideas, our thoughts and dreams all reflecting in a constantly escalating cycle of creativity. Collaborative interaction is at the core of our musical ethos, and we welcome the likes of Telefon Tel Aviv, Hailo, Born I, Peekaboo, Jantsen, Sunru, Kyrian, and the UK’s own RD.
    1. Bassnectar & Hailo – Irresistible Force
    2. Bassnectar – Dive ft. RD
    3. Bassnectar & Peekaboo – Illusion ft. Born I
    4. Bassnectar & Jantsen – It’s About To Get Hectic ft. Born I
    5. Bassnectar – Undercover
    6. Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound In A Dark Room (Bassnectar Remix)
    7. Bassnectar – Leprechauns Arise (Mothership Mix)
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