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Bedrock Music

Quattro II 4CD CD

Bedrock Music Quattro II 4CD CD

Quattro II 4CD CD

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Product Description

Quattro II Is the new follow up to the hugely successful Quattro compilation album from John Digweed that was released in April 2020

Featuring 4 CD's of exclusive new material which has been compiled and mixed by John Digweed, showcasing music from some of the most exciting electronic producers out there. This time with the Juxtaposition CD we hand the controls to German legend Robert Babicz for an original album of futuristic electronica and ambient textures  

Cinematic synths, Ambient textures, Acid wobbles, sonic waves, Haunting Vocals

Atmospheric Breaks, Hypnotic grooves, Indie throbbers, Melodic vibes, Driving Acid 

Nu skol breaks, Feel good House, Future grooves, Euro Chugger

Juxtaposition By Robert Babicz
Futuristic electronica and ambient textures

The distinctive packaging follows on from the last Album and our Award Nominated "Last Night at Output” release designed by MD and comes with a special die cut slipcase, box, wallets, CD all combining to create the layers of a vortex. The album spans 4 compact discs with sleeve notes included in an 8 page booklet.

All with a high gloss finish. Definitely one for the collectors! Limited edition signed and numbered only available from this store
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