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'Eclipsed' Vinyl 2xLP Vinyl Record

Bremen 'Eclipsed' Vinyl 2xLP Vinyl Record

'Eclipsed' Vinyl 2xLP Vinyl Record

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Vinyl 2xLP

Product Description

A new double-LP of glacial electronics, strung-out drone-punk and smouldering space-rock minimalism from Bremen, the Swedish duo of Jonas Tiljander (Brainbombs) and Lanchy Orre (Brainbombs, Totalitär).

The band's points of departure are specific: a particular organ sound from J.A. Seazer 1970s recordings, the squalid alien guitar tone of Chrome, the cranked, psychic roar-out riffage of Hawkwind, the melancholic mode of Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson, minimalism from La Monte Young to Eleh, “cold eighties electronic sound", and sloppy, lo-fi psychedelic rock from the likes of Pärson Sound and Träd Gräs och Stenar.

Tiljander's icily poised synth/organ drones and the grieving cosmic howl of Lanchy's guitar dominate the landscape, but Bremen's instrumental palette has also expanded to include various percussion treatments, saxophone, strings, dissolved vocal fragments.

Their exploratory jamming, overdubbing and dub-savvy mixing yield a music of unbelievable eloquence and physicality, and Eclipsed is another masterpiece of black-hole psychedelia from one of the greatest underground rock'n'roll units on the planet.

1. On Board
2. Helmet
3. Cold March
4. Scorched Earth
5. Through The Barrier
6. The Art of Non-Existence
7. Universal
8. Events And Non-Events
9. First Leap
10. A Stumble Not A Fall
11. A Glimpse At The Final Moment
12. Sick City
13. Lights Out
14. Soaring With The Mountains

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