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'Pas Encore Mort' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Costes 'Pas Encore Mort' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'Pas Encore Mort' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

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"Costes has caused me so much trouble. Even today, 25 years after the last time I performed with him, I still have a hard time booking shows because he has not mellowed as I have and the venues are afraid, because of my past association with him, that there will be piss, shit, violence, genitalia, racial tension, cops, etc. Costes has caused himself so much trouble. He’s been taken to court five times over his art, received countless death threats. When’s the last time you can think of that ART has been taken so seriously… as a life and death matter? And he perseveres. I think Costes is extraordinary. He ostentatiously thumbs not only his nose, but every single body part external AND internal, at any authority there is. Pas Encore Mort, a re-release of a 1997 CD, is uncharacteristically introspective, pretty, and sad. It is unsettling to see the man behind the gross warrior exposed, vulnerable, alone. I love and hate this album." Lisa Carver - Maine, U.S. 2 April 2016.

Born in 1954, Jean-Louis Costes is possibly France’s most transgressive and independent artist. He is a musician, singer/songwriter, performance artist, painter, writer, actor and director. His highly expressionist trash style is instantly recognizable no matter which mode of expression he adopts. A unique and uncompromising artist, Costes has released over 70 albums since 1986.

His songs are mostly recorded in his home studio and display very raw explicit lyrics, with music alternating between rock, pop and noise. He is renowned for his infamous “Porno-Social” Operas, which can be described as an explosive mix of live music, theater, violent actions, sex, noise, chansons, romanticism, mysticism and social issues.

He has toured Europe, North America and Japan. In the late 1990s, he began publishing his own texts, and since 2003, has authored four novels.

Side A:
1. Pas Encore Mort
2. La Drogue, La Mort, La Nuit
3. Mourons Ensemble
4. La Seule Solution

Side B:
1. Crever Tout Seul
2. Amour Eternel
3. Rien à Ajouter
4. La Dernière Chanson
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