Donny Benet

Mr Experience / Black 12"Vinyl

Donny Benet Mr Experience / Black 12"Vinyl

Mr Experience / Black 12"Vinyl

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After humble lo-fi beginnings in the Australian art-pop underground, Donny Benét has expanded his cult-like following across the globe with a resonant array of danceable repertoire dealing with love and affection. His next album marks a new chapter informed by a wealth of musical and personal development. Enter Mr Experience, the new album from Donny Benét released Friday 22nd May via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control Records. 


Donny Benét - Mr Experience

1.  Mr Experience
2. Moving Up
3. Second Dinner
4. Reach Out
5. Girl of My Dreams
6. Negroni Summer
7. One Night in Paradise
8. Take a Trip
9. You Don't Need Love
10. Waterfall (Love Scene)

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