Rhythmic Theory

'Forgotten Realms' Vinyl Record

Rhythmic Theory 'Forgotten Realms' Vinyl Record

'Forgotten Realms' Vinyl Record

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Second release on our A14 sub-label, from Bristol's Rhythmic Theory. 'Forgotten Realms’: broken beat assassinator, equal parts dancehall-militant snares and tripped-out soulboy shimmer. Nods to breakstep and dark garage, and Funky of relatively recent vintage too, but the engineering and arrangement are ruthless, dub-disclipined, wholly contemporary. 'Spirits of Duality’: explores more paranoid and decelerated junglist tekno territory. Cold and insinuating, the bastard offspring of Reinforced and :zoviet*france:.

Tracklist: 1:Forgotten Realms  2:Spirits of Duality

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