Bell Witch

'Demo 2011' Vinyl Record

Bell Witch 'Demo 2011' Vinyl Record

'Demo 2011' Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

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Repress of long sold-out demo limited to 500 copies.

Following the critical acclaim of last year’s Mirror Reaper, one of the most praised metal albums of that year. Bell Witch’s Mirror Reaper is one of the best metal albums of 2017.

A single monolithic track, it pays tribute to the band’s former drummer Adrian Guerra, who tragically passed away in 2016. The band initially made their presence known in the US doom scene with a well-received demo in 2011.

At thirty-seven minutes, this recording is a massive statement of purpose which far-eclipsed the “demo” status implied by its name. It was recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons (Wormwood), the same engineer behind the band’s first effort, Longing.

Demo 2011 showcases Bell Witch’s heavy-yet-minimalist sound now lauded as timeless, relevant and undeniably sorrowful.

The Flenser is proud to unleash this new pressing of a classic moment in contemporary US doom with artwork by the band’s own Adrian Guerra (RIP).

“Bell Witch turns funeral doom and its moribund focus into a beautiful hymn.” Pitchfork

“Bell Witch have an uncanny ability to make their metal feel ancient, spiritual, even liturgical.” Tiny Mix Tapes.
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