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Cancer Bats

'Birthing The Giant' Vinyl Record

Cancer Bats 'Birthing The Giant' Vinyl Record
Cancer Bats 'Birthing The Giant' Vinyl Record

'Birthing The Giant' Vinyl Record

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Product Description

Exclusive Canadian pressing on coloured vinyl limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Gaining an American release about three months after it came out in the Cancer Bats' Canadian homeland, Birthing the Giant is about as close as contemporary post-hardcore punk has yet come to the insurrectionary furor of the early MC5.

The Cancer Bats are less explicitly political than the Five, for all that lead-off single "French Immersion" makes use of the word "revolution" in its chorus, but there's definitely a seething anger to singer Liam Cornier's I-hate-everything lyrics and sore-throat vocals.

Guitarist Scott Middleton has exactly the right ratio of garage rock distortion and hesher-metal riffage throughout songs like "Grenades" and "Diamond Mine," and the rhythm section has the ragged-but-right looseness that the best punk requires. There's absolutely nothing new on Birthing the Giant, but the Cancer Bats make excellent use of their influences throughout.

1. Golden Tanks
2. French Immersion
3. 100 Grand Canyon
4. Ghost Bust That
5. Grenades
6. Shillelagh
7. Butterscotch
8. Death Bros
9. Firecrack This
10. Diamond Mine
11. Pneumonia Hawk
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