Cosmic Psychos

Glorius Barsteds LP (Black) (Vinyl)

Cosmic Psychos Glorius Barsteds LP (Black) (Vinyl)

Glorius Barsteds LP (Black) (Vinyl)

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Product Description

Cosmic Psychos - Glorius Barsteds LP (Black)

Track List:

Side A

  1. Nice Day To Go To The Pub
  2. Battlewitch
  3. Hate, Drunkenness, Vandalism, Demolition
  4. Hoon
  5. Enmore Backender
  6. Please Sir (Can I Have Some More)

Side B

  1. Bull At A Gate
  2. 3rd Strike
  3. Nude Sheilas On Motorbikes Drinking Beer
  4. Watchbox Road (Fucked In The Truck)
  5. Tossing The Kaber
  6. Wake Up Rocket



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