Harm'S Way

Posthuman 12" Vinyl (White)

Harm'S Way Posthuman 12" Vinyl (White)

Posthuman 12" Vinyl (White)

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Harm's Way // Posthuman 12" Vinyl (White)

Harms Way's metallic hardcore has won them fans on four continents; their reputation for delivering blistering sets cannot be overstated, and their timely lyrics about struggle, personal growth and self-awareness leave a lasting impression upon any listener.

Having grown with each subsequent release, Posthuman, their fourth full-length - and Metal Blade Records debut - is a devastating addition to their catalogue.

"We've always stayed true to who we are and allowed the songwriting process to take shape organically from record to record, and as the band has progressed, our sound has become more refined with metal and industrial influences," states drummer Chris Mills, while guitarist Bo Lueders succinctly sums up what people can expect when they first spin the record: "To a Harms Way fan, I would describe 'Posthuman' as a blend of 'Isolation' (2011) and 'Rust' (2015), but it's sonically way more insane. To anyone else, I would simply say it's full on heavy and full on aggression."


Track Listing:  
01. Human Carrying Capacity 
02. Last Man 
03. Sink 
04. Temptation 
05. Become a Machine 
06. Call My Name 
07. Unreality 
08. Dissect Me 
09. The Gift 
10. Dead Space

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