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Hot Water Music

Caution LP (Black) (Vinyl)

Hot Water Music  Caution LP (Black) (Vinyl)

Caution LP (Black) (Vinyl)

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Hot Water Music - Caution LP (Black)


  1. Remedy 
  2. Trusty Chords 
  3. I Was On A Mountain 
  4. One Step To Slip 
  5. It's All Related 
  6. The Sense
  7. Seein' Diamonds
  8. Not For Anyone 
  9. Sweet Disasters 
  10. Alright For Now 
  11. We'll Say Anything We Want 
  12. Wayfarer 
  13. The End

In 2019, Hot Water Music will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band and tour the world performing tracks from their entire catalog.
Epitaph Records will be repressing three of the band’s albums on vinyl for release in 2019: 2001’s A Flight and A Crash, 2002’s Caution and 2004’s The New What Next.

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