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Living With Lions

Holy Shit - Vinyl LP (2011)

Living With Lions - Holy Shit - Vinyl LP (2011)
Living With Lions - Holy Shit - Vinyl LP (2011)
Living With Lions - Holy Shit - Vinyl LP (2011)
Living With Lions - Holy Shit - Vinyl LP (2011)

Holy Shit - Vinyl LP (2011)

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Product Description

From the start, there was something tangibly different about Living With Lions – their trademark dynamics and anthemesque melody – set them apart in the punk rock community. The sound is something exciting, fresh, and definitively theirs. It’s a sound that resonates with the new generation of punk rock fans and the grizzled veterans alike; it appeals to both the most jaded underground hardcore/punk rock fan as well as the fluffiest pop punk fan. It is in every sense accessible, honest, genuine and heart-felt. They wear their influences proudly while cultivating an experience all their own.

“Holy Shit” reveals a group of young musicians, songwriters and friends maturing and truly coming into their own on all levels. The album touches on all the hallmarks of good punk rock – angst, frustration, regret, longing and triumph – while staying true to the band’s definitive sound. “These songs are all about real people and situations that we’ve had to deal with,” says guitarist Chase Brenneman. The album opens with the anthemic track “Pieces”, a song that deals with a relationship that crumbles unexpectedly. This is a consistent theme throughout the record. “It’s something people can definitely relate to on their own level.” says Brenneman.

Track List:
1. Pieces
2. Regret Song
3. In Your Light
4. Honesty, Honestly
5. Whatever You Want
6. Maple Drive Is Still Alive
7. Wake Up
8. Matthew’s Anthem
9. Rough Around The Edges
10. When We Were Young

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