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Track List
[Disc 1]
  1. Born to Be Wild
  2. Could I
  3. Shape of Things to Come
  4. Get Down and Get with It [Live]
  5. Move Over
  6. Whole World's Goin' Crazee
  7. Look at Last Nite
  8. Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Good
  9. My Town
  10. We're Really Gonna Raise the Roof
  11. Don't Blame Me
  12. Good Time Gals
  13. Do We Still Do It
  14. Standin' on the Corner
  15. O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday
  16. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
  17. Scratch My Back
  18. Be
  19. Burning in the Heat of Love
[Disc 2]
  1. Wheels Ain't Coming Down
  2. Night Starvation
  3. I'm a Rocker
  4. Rock 'N' Roll Preacher (Hallelujah I'm on Fire)
  5. Knuckle Sandwich Nancy
  6. Let the Rock Roll out of Control
  7. Ruby Red
  8. Keep Your Hands off My Power Supply
  9. Don't Tame a Hurricane
  10. Slam the Hammer Down
  11. Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.)
  12. Myzterious Mizter Jones
  13. Time to Rock
  14. Leave Them Girls Alone
  15. Let's Have a Party
  16. Hey Ho Wish You Well
  17. She's Heavy
  18. You Boyz Make Big Noize
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