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'Vemod' Vinyl Record

Solbrud 'Vemod' Vinyl Record

'Vemod' Vinyl Record

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Copenhagen based black metal quartet SOLBRUD will release their third album 'Vemod'on June 9th via Indisciplinarian and Vendetta Records.

Since the release of SOLBRUD's self titled debut album in 2012, the band has been an immense power in black metal, which was only emphasized by the 2014 sequel 'Jærtegn'in all its beautiful grimness. Both albums and the quartet's emotional and intense live performances have since then consolidated SOLBRUD as a band with a special, artistic vision unfolding in non-compromising and boundary pushing black metal.

Now SOLBRUD is ready with their third full length 'Vemod'(Danish for sadness or melancholy). It is an album proclaiming the imminent fall of mankind musically accompanied by yet another envigoured take on the band's wuthering and melodic variety of black metal. 

As SOLBRUD's previous album Jærtegn', Vemod'is recorded with producer Lasse Ballade (Slægt, Orm, Halshug) in his Ballade Studios in Copenhagen, this time during a freezing January 2017. In addition, the legendary Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Rainbow) has overseen the mastering in Sweet Silence North where the album received an old school tape mastering enhancing the band's analogue and organic sound.

As with the band's two previous albums, the record consists of 4 tracks, which this time makes up a playing time of 50 epic and intense minutes.

1. Det Sidste Lys
2. Forfald
3. Menneskeværk
4. Besat af Mørke
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