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Steve Vai

The Ultra Zone Songbook

Steve Vai The Ultra Zone Songbook
Steve Vai
Steve Vai

The Ultra Zone Songbook

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On this album that the All Music Guide calls “an amazing exhibition of six-string talent,” guitar virtuoso Steve Vai pays tribute to his mentor Frank Zappa on the song “Frank” and to Stevie Ray Vaughan on “Jibboom.” This songbook also includes a special 8-page color section of photos and illustrations, and 11 more songs from the CD transcribed in notes & tab: Asian Sky • The Blood & Tears • Fever Dream • Here I Am • I'll Be Around • Lucky Charms • Oooo • The Silent Within • The Ultra Zone • Voodoo Acid • Windows to the Soul.

Song List:

  1. Asian Sky
  2. The Blood & Tears
  3. Fever Dream
  4. Frank
  5. Here I Am
  6. I'll Be Around
  7. Jibboom
  8. Lucky Charms
  9. Oooo
  10. The Silent Within
  11. The Ultra Zone
  12. Voodoo Acid
  13. Windows To The Soul
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