John Sinclair

'Beatnik Youth Ambient' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

John Sinclair 'Beatnik Youth Ambient' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'Beatnik Youth Ambient' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Vinyl LP

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Incendiary bebop beauty from the renegade poet John Sinclair with hand drawn cover artwork by YOUTH. If we ever needed a passionate beat soul speaking words of wisdom, it’s now, and John Sinclair - Revolutionary, Jazzman - lays it down.

Bohemian ex-manager of the MC5, Sinclair was central to 1960’s counterculture. A year or two back he met producer YOUTH (Primal Scream, U2), and got dragged into the 21st Century.

The result is a hypnotic celebration of personal freedom; laid-back thoughts spoken in John Sinclair’s gruff, grainy drawl, draped against blues, bebop and trip-hop.  

Do It, with it’s lonesome sax, echoes Paddy McAloon’s intimate I Trawl The Megahertz: “In those days, to make poetry and art…that wasn’t called for. But you did it, even though you knew you would never get paid…”  Brilliant Corners is a wild tribute to Jack Kerouac, and Sitarrtha offers, “If we’re lucky, music will bring us through, and we’ll wake up singing.” What a dude. - Glyn Brown **** Mojo Magazine August 2017.
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