The Merchbar Hot Merch Chart is a weekly, online report on sales, volumes and interest detailing the most interesting music merchandise. The chart aims to help fans, industry, artists and the press learn more about the developments, interest and sales of music merchandise in a structured, weekly format. Our charts are built on several information sources across thousands of artists and the nearly one hundred thousand items of music merchandise that we track. Merchbar is the only organization in the world with the necessary information access, customer participation, interest and resources to conduct such a comprehensive survey of music merchandise.

Merchandise is an ever-growing source of revenue for artists and a favorite item by fans. The internet provides a new and unique avenue for artists and merchandise companies to increase their access to fans and allows fans a consistent channel for discovery and purchase. Furthermore, as fans and artists converge on a platform, the ability to unify an artist's access to their fans allows for the creation and distribution of merchandise untenable in the traditional tour or mass-retail formats.

There are several studies that chart the popularity of other channels of the music industry but no comprehensive, open platform to track this growing and important revenue stream. We've taken care to balance the ability for artists to retain important, private information while allowing for transparency on overall trends to allow the entire industry to more easily discover, track and take advantage of emerging trends within music merchandise.

Data Collection & Representativeness

There are several sources of data we track in compiling the Merchbar Hot Merch Charts including:

  • Merchbar sales: Sales that take place directly on Merchbar
  • Other sales information: Verified sales information directly provided by approved third parties
  • Merchbar search & engagement information: Searches, shares, posts and other associated information that takes place on the Merchbar platform.
  • General search information: Search information provided via third parties (like

Data used in creating the Merchbar Hot Merch Charts is referenced for artists across a variety of genres, geographic locations and popularity levels. Additionally any physical item available for sale that is marketed as merchandise directly from an artist is qualified for inclusion into the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart.

Methodology & Results

To create the weekly rankings shown in the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart, Merchbar takes into account data from a variety of sources. Each chart is based upon data from the previous calendar week. The charts are then created via our proprietary formula that weights a number of attributes against each other, including (but not limited to) sales velocity, average sales price, and quality and newness of merchandise. The formula has been designed to provide an accurate overview of the most interesting, important and highest grossing merchandise artists and items.

Artists and their associated merchandise item are allowed to occupy one slot within their genre as well as one lot in the overall chart, subject to their qualification via the algorithm.

Results are calculated each week and published on the homepage of and within the associated genre pages on

Use of this Information

The rankings and movement of items and artists within the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart system is available for citation and use in news publications, personal blogs, media provided the name "Merchbar Hot Merch Chart" is used and the information includes a link to the chart being cited (for example, a discussion of the Hot Rock Merch Chart should include a link to

The Merchbar Hot Merch Chart, it's associated data, algorithms and supporting information are the property of Merchbar, Inc. and their use by third parties is subject to the approval of Merchbar Inc. Furthermore, artist names, likenesses and information is the property of their respective owners and use may be subject to additional restrictions and laws.

Submit Your Information

Our goal is to make the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart as comprehensive as possible. To apply to have your information included in the chart please submit your request via our partnership form.