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Florence Foster Jenkins CD
Florence Foster Jenkins CD
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Product Description

Track List
  1. Die Zauberflöte: "Der Hölle Rache" (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 3:37
  2. The Musical Snuff-Box (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 2:25
  3. Like a Bird (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 1:19
  4. Lakme: "Où Va la Jeune Hindoue?" (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 4:39
  5. Serenata Mexicana (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 2:10
  6. La Perle Du Brésil: "Charmant Oiseau" (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 6:02
  7. Biassy (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 3:35
  8. Die Fledermaus:"Adele's Laughing Song" (Remastered) Foster Jenkins, Florence 3:49
  9. A Faust Travesty; Valentine's Aria (Ere I Leave My Native Land) Williams, Jenny; Burns, Thomas 3:15
  10. A Faust Travesty; Jewel Song (O Heavenly Jewels) Williams, Jenny; Burns, Thomas 6:00
  11. A Faust Travesty; Salut, Demeure Chaste Et Pure (Emotions Strange) Williams, Jenny; Burns, Thomas 4:45
  12. A Faust Travesty; Final Trio (Sung As a Duet) (My Heart Is Overcome with Terror) Williams, Jenny; Burns, Thomas 10:40
  13. Chick Crumpacker Interviews Cosme McMoon McMoon, Cosme; Crumpacker, Chick 15:54
This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.
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