Hannah Peel

Fabricstate EP (Limited Red 10 Inch) 10 Inch (Vinyl)

Hannah Peel Fabricstate EP (Limited Red 10 Inch) 10 Inch (Vinyl)

Fabricstate EP (Limited Red 10 Inch) 10 Inch (Vinyl)

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Fabricstate was recorded amidst an Aladdin’s cave of analogue synths in London’s East End, melding the organic instruments of Hannah’s previous releases with a warm, pulsing electronic edge. It's hard to tell where the electronic ends and the organic begins. Soaring Morricone style orchestral brass and string melody lines merge with deep vintage Juno synths and ‘found sound’ rhythm samples.

Fabricstate takes in a diverse set of influences, referencing Hannah’s love for the golden age of cinema and Italo Calvino’s 'Invisible Cities' through the very real loneliness felt in big cities - the failure and building of new relationships: the dreams of a better future.

Design by Jonathan Barnbrook
Artwork by Karborn

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