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Newton Faulkner

Interference (of Light) (Signed) CD

Newton Faulkner Interference (of Light) (Signed) CD

Interference (of Light) (Signed) CD

$7.50 standard shipping (estimated)
Ships on or around August 20th, 2021.
Delivery: Estimated in 5-10 business days after shipment
Ships from United Kingdom

Product Description

I’ve decided to approach each medium differently this time round for the best possible listening experience in whichever way you choose to listen. The CD will include 17 tracks, as well as interludes to smooth song transitions and make it feel more rounded when listened to as a
whole album.

For the digital album download, the interludes included on the CD don’t make sense, because if you've got a bunch of songs from multiple albums on shuffle, they’ll just get in the way, so for streaming and other digital mediums, it’ll be 17 tracks with no messing around.

Newton :)

Interference (Of Light) - Digital Album Download Track Listing

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