Paul Draper

Spooky Action Double Heavyweight LP (Vinyl)

Paul Draper Spooky Action Double Heavyweight LP (Vinyl)

Spooky Action Double Heavyweight LP (Vinyl)

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Includes free instant downloads of "Don't Poke The Bear" and "Things People Want".

Black Vinyl, 180 gram, 2 x Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve.

Paul Draper releases his long awaited debut solo album, Spooky Action, on Kscope this summer.

Paul Draper was the frontman of Mansun - one of the most iconic bands of the late ’90s. Over the course of three albums (a fourth issued posthumously), they achieved something unique – after fostering a fervent cult following, they managed to maintain critical and commercial success with a series of intensely radio friendly yet increasingly experimental records. Off the back of their biggest radio record, Mansun imploded in 2003 and Paul all but disappeared from view.

Released on Kscope on August 11thSpooky Action is the result of a decade of thinking, tinkering, writing, recording and focusing.

Lyrically, it’s biting and brutally honest – an autobiography set to captivating, addictive melody across eleven songs that peak then peak again, then peak again. Taking its cue from 2016’s two EP releases and recorded in collaboration with Catherine AD (the Anchoress) and long time Mansun collaborator PDub, The record’s eleven tracks veer from warped voodoo psych (Don’t Poke the Bear) to glistening synthetic soul (Things People Want); from warped, razor wire rock’n’roll (Grey House) to glorious widescreen analogue pop music (Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion). Collectively, they represent Paul’s strongest, most consistent set of songs to date – half a lifetime’s work condensed into just over an hour of perfectly formed music.

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