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Sarah Close


Sarah Close #30 - MAESTRO - WHITE - SMALL


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Product Description

A note from Sarah:

Before I released my debut EP I wanted to make some really special items of clothing to go out alongside. I decided to make hand embroidered t-shirts, which I spent every spare minute I had to make between June’16 and April ’17. Somehow I actually forgot about them which is why I am putting them on sale now, almost a year after my EP release. A pipe burst in ya girls flat and on clearing out my cupboard I found my little t-shirt project sitting there waiting for its moment! 

My mum and Grandma got me into sewing when I was a child and I spent my teenage years buying clothes from charity shops to cut up and make into new items for myself. Somewhere along the way I had this crazy idea that I would put my skills to the test and embroider 50 shirts myself (didn’t quite hit the 50 but in true fashion I got CLOSE). Each shirt took me between 2-6 hours to do so I really hope if you buy one you love it, they are made to be worn so don’t let yours sit in a draw in fear of ruining it. 

- each shirt is unique and has been hand embroidered by Sarah!
- a personal note will be sent with every order
- each shirt is numbered on the back of the left sleeve. Early embroideries have been numbered on the front.
- due to the handcrafted nature of each product, there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the embroidery
- all t-shirts are made by Gildan 
- 4 people who buy a shirt will also be sent a special poster sent to Sarah by YouTube
- due to the hand-crafted nature of the shirts, these are unable to be refunded or exchanged.
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