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    Tom Speight

    Everything's Waiting For You Deluxe (Signed) Vinyl

    Tom Speight Everything's Waiting For You Deluxe (Signed) Vinyl

    Everything's Waiting For You Deluxe (Signed) Vinyl

    $26.50 standard shipping (estimated)
    Ships on or around September 24th, 2021.
    Delivery: Estimated in 5-10 business days after shipment
    Ships from United Kingdom

    Product Description

    Tom Speight has made the album that 2021 deserves. A celebration of living life to the max, Everything’s Waiting For You is a timely reminder to approach every day as an adventure, and an invitation to ride alongside the singer/songwriter as he travels the world wide-eyed.

    This Deluxe LP is signed by Tom, contains a special edition booklet and is limited to 1000 copies. 

    1. Everything's Waiting For you
    2. Let The River Run
    3. Dive
    4. Strange Days
    5. Soak Up
    6. Feel The Night
    7. See You Soon
    8. You
    9. Hymn For Her
    10. Shine With Me

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