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Vitamin String Quartet

VSQ Performs Radiohead: Enigmatic

Vitamin String Quartet VSQ Performs Radiohead: Enigmatic

VSQ Performs Radiohead: Enigmatic

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Release Date: 7/1/2003

Radiohead are a rare breed. Blending artistic integrity and ingenuity with amazing popular success, the band has mastered the near-impossible task of walking the line between art and business, originality and popularity. Like the group itself, VSQ Performs Radiohead: Enigmatic finds the line between innovation and tradition. Plunging the band’s beautiful and experimental melodies into the world of the string quartet, this collection looks into to the future as it recalls the past. Featuring masterpieces like “National Anthem” and “You and Whose Army?,” VSQ Performs Radiohead: Enigmatic joins today’s most exciting string ensembles with the music of the most revolutionary popular band of our time in this stirringly beautiful album.

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01 - Motion Picture Soundtrack, 02 - You and Whose Army?, 03 - My Iron Lung, 04 - Nice Dream, 05 - Permanent Daylight, 06 - The National Anthem, 07 - Idioteque, 08 - Street Spirit (Fade Out), 09 - Just, 10 - Morning Bell/Amnesiac, 11 - Palo Alto, 12 - There There


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