Alice Cooper

Brutal Planet' Vinyl Record

Alice Cooper 'Brutal Planet' Vinyl Record

Brutal Planet' Vinyl Record

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Brutal Planet is the 21st studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 2000.

Musically, this finds Alice tackling a much darker and heavier approach than on previous albums, with many songs approaching a somewhat modern-sounding, industrial/metal sound.

Lyrically, it's a concept album that deals with themes of dark "social fiction", including domestic violence ("Take It Like a Woman"), prejudice ("Blow Me a Kiss"), psychopathic behavior ("It's the Little Things"), war ("Pick Up the Bones") and school shootings ("Wicked Young Man")....

1. Brutal Planet
2. Wicked Young Man
3. Sanctuary
4. Blow Me A Kiss
5. Eat Some More
6. Pick Up The Bones
7. Pessimystic
8. Gimme
9. It's The Little Things
10. Take It Like A Woman
11. Cold Machines
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