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'A Gaze Into The Abyss' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

Antlers 'A Gaze Into The Abyss' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

'A Gaze Into The Abyss' Vinyl LP Vinyl Record

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Here is something unique and extremely intriguing that will delight both the fans of Cascadian black metal (WITTR, Addaura, Velnias, Agalloch, etc) and of eastern European-styled melodic black metal (Drudkh, Negura Bunget, Walknut etc.).

Hailing from Leipzig in Germany, ANTLERS are a punk and shoegaze-influenced black metal band driven by solemn and vast riffing soundscapes, inconsolable mid-tempo rhythms, and eerie melodies and moods. Their songs unfold slowly, taking the listeners by the hand across vast plains and soaring great distances, guiding them through a desolate and charred landscape where hope and destruction eternally fight in complete solitude a final battle for survival.

Antler’s music is grim and atonal, but overtones of hope and redemption seep through their walls of furious tremolo picking and endless waves of blast beats. There is some kind of celestial and glowing energy in this music, something that makes it luminous and reassuring, even in its stark and torrential aggression. (CVLT NATION) "This is the forest primeval, an ecosystem in a state of primal balance.

There are the hunters and the hunted. Life feeds on life, and the cycle coils forever onward, subject only to the whims of the eldritch gods who carved this alien landscape as a sacred temple wholly separate from the contrivances of modern man.

ANTLERS reign supreme in this pantheon, doling out harsh justice to unwary interlopers in the form of chthonic growls that reek of aeons of rot, electric bolts of blackened riffs, and austere, stately drumming. This is a testament to the wild, dangerous, foreboding, and captivating." (W.)

Mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan.
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