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    Genetic Cabaret Green Heavyweight LP (Vinyl)

    Asylums Genetic Cabaret Green  Heavyweight LP (Vinyl)

    Genetic Cabaret Green Heavyweight LP (Vinyl)

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    Product Description

    In the privacy of a world-class studio with legendary recording engineer and sound alchemist Steve Albini (In Utero by Nirvana, Rid Of Me by PJ Harvey, Surfa Rosa by Pixies; too many stone-cold legends to parenthesize), Asylums have recorded new album ‘Genetic Cabaret’, their genius follow up to 2018’s acclaimed ‘Alien Human Emotions’. Whilst recording, the band split their time between Chicago, whose big honest soul superseded the garish horrifying pantomime of Trump’s America, Norway and Germany, where Brexit shame was temporarily suppressed like a bad nightmare. The 4 pieces are now back on the floundering isle of chaos that is home, nails bloody from picking the real from the farce and bursting at the guts with tales of runaway adventures, magpie wisdom and furious hope. Asylums have big new things to say.
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