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Big Oaks


Big Oaks


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Track List
  1. Cooee
  2. John The Rat
  3. Pimp On Patrol
  4. Nicholas Lyndhurst
  5. Tight T-Shirt
  6. Big Boned
  7. Pancakes Vs Omelettes
  8. Something Goes Something
  9. Professor Wheeto
  10. Eric Cantona Is A Genius
  11. By The Road
  12. Reno
  13. It's Clobbering Time
  14. Fiends Outside Your House
  15. Interlude
  16. What's The Shit? Blues
  17. Babylon 5
  18. Biscuit Fever
  19. Cock Like Lipstick
  20. Crotchless Pasties
  21. Electrical Clippers
  22. I Hate You, My Friend Doesn't Like You Either
  23. Me & Jim Dishing Out Justice
  24. Meat Cleaver Attack Probe
  25. Monsters, Zombies, Spectres
  26. Point Blank Refusal To Talk
  27. Watersports
  28. Al-Qa'Eda Nonce

Each record is protected within its record sleeve by a white vellum anti-dust sleeve.

All items are shipped brand-new and unopened in original packaging. Every record is shipped in original factory-applied shrink wrap and has never been touched by human hands.

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