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    Commercial Break White (Signed) Vinyl

    Blancmange Commercial Break White (Signed) Vinyl

    Commercial Break White (Signed) Vinyl

    Pre-Order Ships on or around September 17th, 2021.
    Delivery: Estimated in 5-10 business days after shipment
    Ships from United Kingdom

    Product Description

    Blancmange are set to release a new album, Commercial Break - their 14th - which explores acoustic textures and field recordings within their synthesiser exoskeleton.
    Co-produced by Benge and mixed at his Memetune Studios in Cornwall, Commercial Break reflects on how the current situation has impacted and re-shaped our perception and experience of everyday life, hinting at new possibilities ahead.

    Random field recordings collected for the album triggered many of the songs. Arthur lists them as follows . . .

    Two electric saws

    Waves breaking on beach

    People talking/moving (indistinct words)

    A dishwasher

    Ambient mic recording to pick up background noise

    Close mic recording to collect the body noise of guitar

    Bird song (-2 octaves)

    Metal gate closing and metal gate locking

    Beach with people and waves breaking

    Old water pump

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